Finally, the Business Newsletter
You’ve Been Asking For

We’re so excited to introduce our new newsletter BizBoost, News & Tips to Grow Your Biz. You get 26 issues per year, each carefully designed to improve client retention, increase revenue per client, and make you look like a rock star. It is YOUR newsletter, as if you wrote and published it within your own company.

The best part is that our articles are designed so that when your client reads them, they’ll be calling you to find out more ways to work with you.  And clients do read BizBoost News.  While the average “open rate” for newsletters is 19.9 percent, according to, a well-respected marketing source, the BizBoost News open rate is a record-breaking 32.2 percent. (Based on 21 articles sent from January 2013 through September 2013 via subscribers using Constant Contact.)

Here is what you will get:

  1. 26 articles written by Sandi, that you can use without her byline so that you take the credit!
    • Use these in your newsletter, as if you published them yourself.
    • Post these to your blog for an instant search engine optimization boost.
  2. 8 complimentary social media posts per article (208 total per year) You can tweet, blog, post, or status your heart out
  3. Zero hours of your time spent writing. That means no writer’s block agony, no time spent worrying whether it’s good enough, and no time wasted writing and feeling guilty when you know you could be billing.
  4. Delivery to you via your choice of two formats: Word/PDF or Constant Contact, dropped right into your account. Don’t worry if you don’t have a Constant Contact account.
  5. Zero hours of your time spent on nasty technology learning curves. That means no time spent with vendors trying to figure out which list management package to use, how to get it set up, or abandoning after a few months because you didn’t have time anyway.


You can read and see sample BizBoost News newsletters right here:

Get Your Very Own Newsletter, Now

Where else can you get high-quality industry-specific writing from a CPA, Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, and Xero Certified Advisor who has written 5 books, dozens of CPE courses, hundreds of articles for the AICPA, Intuit, and Microsoft, to name a few, and is a thought leader in the accounting industry at this price and to call your own?

Two Formats * Two Pay Plans

BizBoost News in Microsoft Word® Version

Annual: $299 per year
(best deal: less than $12 per issue for all your clients)

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BizBoost News in Microsoft Word® Version

Semi-Annual: $160
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BizBoost News in Constant Contact® Draft Version

Annual: $499 per year
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BizBoost News in Constant Contact® Draft Version

Semi-Annual: $299
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Please note: Your Constant Contact account at $20 per month is NOT included in these prices.